About The Area

There are so many things to do in the surrounding area for the outdoor enthusiast. From the views that can only be seen from the mountains to the serenity of cool pristine waters. There is an abundance of wildlife ready to have their picture taken by any shutterbug. Then there are the fish that beg to be caught by any angler.  The forest, lush and green, offers the quiet solitude for a picnic or just a walk or ride down the trail.


Not your style? How about a boat or canoe ride on a lake that is clear and calm or down the river. There is easy access to native culture that has many just wanting to learn.  From attending Pow Wows to beading or basket weaving, the interest abounds. Children can have fun and grown-ups can be kids at one of the nearby amusement parks. There is something to do for every season of the year. The colors of fall foliage attract the eye. Snow skiing or snowmobiling in the winter, jet skiing, wake boarding or kayaking in the summer the options are endless. We even have a car club you can join or just come down and see all the amazing autos.


The lifestyle is quite laid back and we enjoy the peaceful surroundings without all the hustle and bustle. This is a place where a writer can think or a reader can get lost in a book without interruption. Big city life is just the opposite of what we are and it can take some getting used to but it is worth it all when you see the untouched wilderness and the beauty of clear cool water. We would enjoy you coming for a visit and see just how fast it will grow on you.