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Community Health Centers (CHCs) serve low-income working families, the uninsured, and other high-risk populations such as the homeless, the frail elderly, migrant farm workers, isolated rural families and poor women and children. They serve people who face barriers to care and whose unmet health needs represent a huge and growing cost to the nation.

Am I eligible for a discount?
The NWCHC operates on a Sliding Fee Schedule, which means that you might be eligible for a discount based on your income and household size.  The discount will apply to all services provided at the health center


Sliding Scale for Discounts

NWCHC has been providing exceptional care to those in Lincoln County since 2002, and has truly become a primary access point for not only uninsured folks but for insured community members looking for a health care home. As a private non-profit organization, governed by a volunteer board of directors, NWCHC is patient-focused and strives to be the healthcare safety net for the communities it serves. The first step to becoming a Community Health Center patient is to schedule an office visit with one of our medical, dental or behavioral health providers. You will need to provide basic information to schedule the appointment and then will be required to complete the following paperwork:

You can print the forms below to have ready for your new patient appointment:



All health center patients are eligible to apply for the Sliding Scale for Payment and need to complete a Financial Worksheet. Any patient can qualify for a range of discounts based on their income and household size.


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Northwest CHC Patient Portal

Did you know that all patients of Northwest CHC have access to their medical record through the patient portal?

We are now offering our patients easy and private access to their medical information online, so you can view your personal health record whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet!

Gain access to your private health information and receive periodic updates and reminders from your doctor on your personal e-mail address!

Follow the link in the e-mail you receive to access your health information.


Make and keep track of appointments


Request prescription refills

Medical Records

View your personal health record
Update your health history


Receive educational materials

Send & receive messages to & from your health care team.

Receive health reminders

Demographic Information
Update demographic information


View & request referrals

To gain access to our secure server on Patient Portal and become web-enabled, simply sign up with one of our receptionists, by providing us with a personal (non-work) e-mail address.

You will be able to securely log in with your username and password, and gain access to your personal health record and other helpful features from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection!
Become a Partner in your health care.


Do you need assistance arranging transportation to/from  appointments at Northwest CHC? Call your care team to see what options are available for you. Northwest CHC is  coordinates with Lincoln County Transportation, for which  vouchers available. 


Language Line

Northwest CHC utilizes the Language Line Solutions for professional interpreter services. Upon check in patients can simply point to their language and staff with contact a language line specialist for interpretation throughout their appointment